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CAMS can be added to virtually any existing micro hardness tester.

Video measuring

Measuring is now done with the computer, eliminating virtually all user influence.


All ten fields can be customized to suit your needs


Conversions are set up within the software and will be displayed on the user interface automatically


Tolerances can be set up to alert your operators if something is out of spec

Your company can get the benefits of C.A.M.S. (Computer Assisted Measuring System) technology by upgrading the microhardness tester you already own. Even using the most basic C.A.M.S. model, operators will spend less time and measure impressions more accurately. Using more advanced C.A.M.S. options, especially for case depth testing, an operator can reduce labor costs more significantly.

    Any operator who can use a computer mouse can achieve accurate and consistent results with C.A.M.S. simple software. The basic system provides point and click measurement of the test impression. Viewing the impression and positive positioning of the filars is easier on a computer screen than it is through an eyepiece. When an automatic measurement option is used, it eliminates all operator influence and is even easier to operate. Other features for automatic traverse testing can add more value, depending on your application.

Special Features:

  • CAMS can be retrofitted to almost any model including Clark, ATS, Leco, Leitz, Buehler, Mitutoyo, Wilson, Shimadzu and Future-Tech

  • Clear cut on screen test impressions for greater accuracy

  • Reduced eyestrain and neck strain

  • Instant, error-free data recording, charting and retrieval

  • Many options for manual to automatic traverse testing

  • Lower cost than buying similar features on a new tester

  • Rapid payback from dramatically increased productivity

  • A variety of metallographic image analysis options

  • Add software and hardware options as your needs increase

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