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Understanding the latest standards can be time consuming and confusing.  It is our goal to help you navigate these changes and the options available in order to make the most informed decision for your business.  We are accredited to certify your Rockwell Hardness Tester(s) to either ASTM E-18-05 or ASTM E-18-22  standards.  Our knowledgeable service team is available to answer any questions you may have.

Indenter Verification

ASTM E-18-05

ASTM E-18-22

Additional Information

Shape verified on optical comparitor

Performance verified on test blocks

Requires certifications and serial numbers

Diamond Indenters

Geometrical attributes (angle & radius) physically measured and recorded to ensure compliance

Diamond Indenter Classifications

Indenter must come from an accreddtied supplier and be complaint with standard tolerances in order to be certified to the standard.  In addition, new indeters must be installed during calibration to be compliant to ASTM E-18-19

Class B: Intended for everyday use

Class A: Used for standardizing Class B indenters during the manufatcuring process and for troubleshooting by service technicians.

Reference: Used for standardizing Class A Diamonds

Ball Indenters

Requires independent certification

Certified for diameter, material & hardness

Certification ties an indenter to specific machine(s) by serial number

As Found Results

As Found Results must be obtained and recorded for every scale that is to be recertified

As Found Condition must be documented on the certification

Service Technicians are required to take a full set of readings for every scale for which the tester must be certified.  This requires additional time and test block consumption resulting in an increase in service pricing.

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