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CM Series Micro

CM Series

The CM Series, a capable stand alone micro hardness tester


The turret can hold both Knoop & Vickers diamonds, as well as up to 4 different objectives


The display on the CM-800 series.

As a variety of new materials are being introduced to the market and products continue to be downsized, the significance of micro hardness testing has increased dramatically. CM Series Micro Indentation Hardness Testers are amazingly accurate, utilizing advanced technology with an emphasis on user friendliness. Combine the CM Series with the available automated system (ARS) for flexibility that grows as your needs do.

Special Features:

  • Built in dial-a-weight system easily changes from load to load

  • Advanced microcomputer with LCD touch panel display (CM-800/CM-800AT)

  • Automated test sequence performs easy hands free loading operation

  • Vickers, Knoop, Brinell and fracture toughness (Kc) testing (CM-800/CM-800AT)

  • Fine measuring lines in microscope provide accurate indent readings

  • Turret allows up to 3 different objectives attached at once (4 on CM-800)

  • CM-800 models are available with dual indenters (Knoop and Vickers)

  • Unique light source with interchangeable color filters for clear viewing

  • Calibrated and ready to use

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