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The CPT portable hardness tester


The CPT XL offers 12 inches of vertical capacity

The CPT Series portable testers offer convenience and reliability for “Rockwell” testing on the go. CPT offers the ability to test both inside and outside surfaces at any angle with great accuracy. Quick change indenter, easy to read dial indicators, and finger tip loading make the CPT a handy and efficient tool for testing large and inaccessible parts.

     The CPTXL works the same as the CPT, but offers up to 12 inches of vertical capacity for testing larger parts.

Special Features:

  • Simple easy to use operation

  • “Rockwell” scales A, B, C, D, E, F, G, H, and K

  • Durable design withstands harsh environments

  • Light weight mobility

  • Certified and ready to use 

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