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Highlight Scope


The Newage Highlight Scope

Internal LEDs

The interal LEDs ensure optimal lightlight

The HiLight scope is a different approach to Brinell scope construction. The HiLight Brinell Scope uses built in high efficiency LEDs (light-emitting diodes) to illuminate the Brinell impressions. The LEDs are ideally positioned to provide an even and consistent definition of the Brinell impression’s edge.

    Traditional Brinell scopes use a flashlight attachment which shines in through an opening in the side of the scope. The operator often moves the angle of the illumination up and down to “pick” a view of the impression to measure and thereby introduces more variation into the measurement process. The HiLight Brinell Scopes are completely enclosed so no ambient light reaches the test impression - the lighting all comes from the built-in LEDs. Optimized surface illumination with a sharp 20X magnification helps insure more reliable results whether measuring Brinell impression or other application such as total case depth on heat treated samples.

    Benefits from using LEDs in the HiLight scopes are improved durability and greater efficiency for up to 200 hours continuous operation without replacing the battery. The scope can be used with the snap-on base so it stands upright by itself and provides a stable platform for making measurements, or the base can be removed for making measurements with a narrow 5/8” footprint.

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