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Newage Indentron


The Newage Indentron

Eagle Beak

The unique Eagle Beak design allows access to places traditional Rockwell testers can't, such as the ID of rings.


The elevating unit is cantilevered over the edge of the table, eliminating the need to cut large holes through your counter surface.

The Indentron has a number of advantages in comparison to other hardness testers. While in many ways the Indentron is a traditional deadweight tester, the tester’s design has been re-engineered and refined so that it eliminates the major problem associated with the old deadweight design - changes in loads due to frictional inconsistencies. 

     The new Indentron design is virtually free of the effects of frictional inconsistencies, so it produces an exceptionally low gauge R & R. These GR & R results are consistently at the lowest range achieved among hardness tester manufacturers.

     The Indentron also has two unique design features which make it stand out from the crowd.  First is the "eagle nose" postion of the indentor.  As you can see in the picture above, this allows the operator to check the ID of a ring without having to cut it.  Simply slip the ring right over the indentor.  The Indentron can check parts where no other tester can.

     Second, it has a cantilever style elevating until, eliminating the need to cut a hole in a table to achieve full vertical capacity, pictured above, far right.

Special Features:

  • Virtually friction free operation

  • Dead weights used for full load and pre load.

  • Full load is applied precisely at full load

  • Pre load error monitoring

  • Easy calibration requirements

  • Combination units are easy to calibrate

  • Special eagle nose allows access to traditionally hard to reach places 

  • Available as a Standard, Superficial, or Twin tester

  • 10" and 15" vertical capacity available

  • Electronic capabilities available including averaging of 2 to 99 tests, round correction, minimum thickness, time at load and more

  • Calibrated and ready to use

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