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King Scope


Made from stainless steel, the King Brinell microscope is the most rugged, versatile and optically reliable on the market today. Featuring a 20X pre-focused lens, the microscope has a narrow nosepiece requiring only a small foot print and fits easily into tight recesses. Readings can even be taken on pullys and sheaves, in corners and behind shoulders.

    For added stability when performing flat work, a 1 1/2" diamater slip-on base adapter is included. When you need the advantage of the narrow nose for reading indentations, just take the base off. The side opening in the microscope allows plenty of natural light for viewing. In addition, a battery operated, movable, rugged pen light can be used for optimum light in dim conditions. Calibrated on equipment traceable to NIST standards, the King Brinell microscope meets ASTM E-10 specifications.

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