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The B.O.S.S. Brinell Optical Scanning System was developed to provide more accurate and consistent HB hardness measurement. The system minimizes errors caused by subjective operator interpretation of the indentation diameter. Typical error using conventional Brinell measurement techniques is 0.1mm between operators. Using the B.O.S.S. system, measurements are made consistently, by multiple operators, to well within 0.01mm.

The B.O.S.S. system can be added to any Brinell hardness tester. The system is comprised of a precision optical scan head with cable that connects via USB to your personal computer with the B.O.S.S. software installed. Simply place the scan head over the indentation to be measured. The superior optics show a clear image of the indentation on the computer display. The optics may be adjusted using the software by the operator. Once the image is clearly displayed, simply press the capture button. The software determines the exact outer edge of the indentation at eight locations and provides you with an accurate indentation diameter to within 0.01mm. Measurement is instantaneous. There is no interpretation required by the user. Along with the captured image, HB value and any associated scale conversion is displayed.

Access to the software can be security protected so that only authorized users have access. You use the software to select the primary hardness scale you are testing to, plus you have provisions to perform automatic hardness scale conversion. You may even create a user-defined scale for your unique application. Tolerances may also be established within the software for developing statistical calculations for HI, LO and OK indications. X-Bar and R Charts can be used to plot High and Low test results. Results can be displayed or printed using a serial printer. Pre-formatted report layouts are supplied including a data printout, data printout with user notes annotations, X-Bar Charts, R Charts, and histogram. User’s can configure their report format headers. A Print Preview function allows you to view the report prior to printing. The software’s View Menu is used to display up to six different test attributes on your screen: X- Bar/R Chart, Histogram, Tile, Auto Tile, Tool Bar and Status Bar. These view attributes can be used to customize your screen and how test results are displayed. Users may “tile” up to three individual test files. A “Start” key on the operating display is used to automatically call the next test.

Special Features:

  • Accurate, Consistent, Empirical Measurement

  • Easy-to-Use, Intuitive Setup & Operation

  • Brinell Scale can be Converted Automatically to Other Hardness Scales

  • Customize Your Display Views to include up to 3 test result files, customize View with X-Bar/R Chart, Histogram & Data Tables

  • Embedded Statistical Analysis including: Average, Min/Max, Range, Std Dev, CpK, LcL, UcL

  • Print Preformatted Reports

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