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HiLight Scope 110


The HiLight scope makes accurate measurements of Brinell indentations.  The HiLight scope has a 7 mm reticle in a flat field with 20x optical magnification suitable for measurement of Brinell impressions.  An optional wrist strap may also be used to prevent the operator from accidentally dropping the scope.

The HiLight scope has a self contained illumination system which features efficient LED illumination with up to 200 hours of continuous duty per battery.  The LEDs will seldom, if ever, require replacement over the life of the scope.  The LEDs are directed down at a sharp angle directly at the test surface.  The instrument is built to be used in both laboratory and shop enviroments.

Special Features:

  • 20X pre-focus lens

  • 7 mm measuring scale.

  • .05 mm scale divisions

  • 10 mm field diameter

If this tester is purchased within the New England area, United Service Company Inc can provide delivery, set-up and training in the tester, for an additional cost.  If you have any questions please give us a call.

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