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Wilson 3TTBB-1038


The Wilson 3TT is a proven design that will provide years of service in any manufacturing environment.   With the capability to check all 30 Rockwell scales, this tester will test whatever needs to be tested.  It's simple to operate, a typical user can be trained in minutes and get consistent, accurate results.

Special Features:
Reliability - The 3TT is a sound design that has stood the test of time
Easy Operation - Very little training is required to get good test results
All 30 Scales - The 3TT is capable of testing all 30 Rockwell scales
Durability - From commercial heat treats to smaller job shops, the 3TT will fit right in
One Year Warranty - The refurbished 3TT tester purchased from United Service Company Inc comes with a one year warranty, giving you piece of mind for your investment

Tester comes with the following:
2 1/2" flat anvil
Spot anvil
V shaped anvil
New C & N combination diamond
New 1/16" Tungsten carbide ball indenter
1 HRC test block
1 HRBw test block
1 HR15N test block
1 HR15Tw test block
Conversion chart

If this tester is purchased within the New England area, United Service Company Inc can provide delivery, set-up and training in the tester, for an additional cost.  If you have any questions please give us a call.

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