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Newage Versitron 4713

The Versitron
Digital display
Surface referencing
Clamping sheild
Superficial loads

For testing in Superficial Rockwell scales with major loads of 15, 30, and 45 kgs with a preload of 3 kgs. Features easy to read 16 character LED digital display of hardness number; user definable HI/LO tolerances; integral SPC software functions (lockable by security code to eliminate unauthorized access) including electronic calibration, hardness conversion of test result, adjustable time-at-load with on display indicator, minimum thickness, clear last result, clear all results, 16 digit lot number, sequence number, average and standard deviation. Print functions, accessible through the RS232 serial output (requires optional serial printer) include print history, print during testing, print statistics including tolerances, total number of tests, # and % good/high/low, min/max results, range, average, variation, standard deviation, coefficient of variation, predicted % exceeding +/- 3 sigma, Cpk, scale conversion, 2400+ memory capacity.

Special Features
Unaffected by Dirt - The Versitron test results are not sensitive to dirt, surface contamination, oil, etc
Quick & Easy - The Versitron has the fastest test cycle of any tester, as fast as two seconds even on a manual tester
Test Tapered Parts - Reduce your test sample preparation time. A range of flat and round tapers can be tested using a flattened ball and vee ball anvils together with the clamping feature
Protected Diamonds - The removable clamping shield protects the diamond indenter from being struck by the test specimen during handling, because the indenter is recess by 1/32”

Tester comes with the following:

Flat anvil

"V" anvil

Anvil adapter

New "N" scale diamond indenter with certification

New 1/16" ball penentrator with tungsten carbide ball and certification

New 15N test block

New 15Tw test block

Power cord

Operation manual

Certification and calibration sticker

If this tester is purchased within the New England area, United Service Company Inc can provide delivery, set-up and training in the tester, for an additional cost.  If you have any questions please give us a call.

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