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Future Tech FM700


The FM7 series is a great microhardness tester for moderate to heavy users.  With it's touch screen display and auto turret, it will perform all your microhardness testing needs with ease.  

The touch screen display shows you D1, D2, HK or HV value, as well as converted value if desired.  You can also control the dwell time and set high and low limits through the touch screen.

The tester also comes with a photo tube opening for easy integration with any popular video measuring system.

Special Features:

  • Has ability to test loads from 10 gf to 1000 gf

  • Digital display shows reading in microns, HV/HK and selected conversions.

  • Electronics automatically convert microns to HV/HK, no need to revert to "the wheel"

  • Accuracy that conforms to ASTM E-384

Tester comes with the following:

  • 2 measuring objectives

  • 1 indenter of your choice (Knoop or Vickers)

  • 1 microhardness test block, to your specifactions

  • Operation manual

  • Certification and calibration sticker

If this tester is purchased within the New England area, United Service Company Inc can provide delivery, set-up and training in the tester, for an additional cost.  If you have any questions please give us a call.

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