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Newage ME2-2813


With major loads of 15, 30 and 45 kgs for testing on most Superficial Rockwell scales including HR15 and HR15Tw scales. Features a large 8-1/2' vertical capacity and 7' horizontal capacity.    Includes all standard accessories; anvil set with flat, spot, vee anvil, N Diamond, 1/16' ball penetrator for ball scales, test block for HR15N, HR15Tw and a conversion chart. Conforms to ASTM E-18.

Special Features:

  • High Accuracy - Point splitting accuracy, year after year. These testers operate according to ASTM E-18 and exceed industry requirements for accuracy and repeatability

  • High Value - The ME-2 series provides maximum capability for your investment

  • Easy Operation - Very little training is required to get good test results

  • Utility - The capacity is a large 8.5’ vertical and 7” horizontal

  • High Speed - The ME-2 applies loads very quickly with no impact effect

  • Durability - Companies get the most out of the ME-2. It has proven to be extremely reliable in long term use

Tester comes with the following:

  • 2 1/2" flat anvil

  • Spot anvil

  • V shaped anvil

  • New N scale diamond

  • New 1/16" Tungsten carbide ball indenter

  • 1 HR15N test block

  • 1 HR15Tw test block

  • Conversion chart

If this tester is purchased within the New England area, United Service Company Inc can provide delivery, set-up and training in the tester, for an additional cost.  If you have any questions please give us a call.

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